Japanese Designers

Issey Miyake administers this combination of art and fashion in his works, but also relating to my very own creative outputs I can identify in terms of his innovational views on how he sees his work.

“Dialogue, for me, is more important then understanding. I don’t always expect to be understood. People have understood enough a little bit enough. Sometimes I don’t even understand what I’ve done. How can I expect anybody else to?”

Issey Miyake, Photographs by Ivring Penn

It is an interesting statement because there is certain aspects in my practice that there is an explanation for what has been produced, but the actual understanding can sometimes be lost or forgotten; but embedded in our creative subconscious. This can could be a simply minor detail to a bigger part of the vision, so the statement is quite true and brings to light this issue, “How can you expect anybody else to understand, when you as the designer is oblivious to that fact. Creating does become second nature like walking and breathing we just “do what we do” we create are own disciplines but also it depends on the setting in which the design is cultivated in.

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