Fashion Marketing | Part One


Fashion Marketing | Part One

Now with so many brands coming through we are getting to the point that fashion itself maybe losing its authenticity? We have celebrities putting their name to collections to collaborate with brands simply to incur profit? Not much real emphasis on the actual design, but just the price tag and sometimes no real identification with their demographic, which I have personally seen in the industry. Now we have fashion enthusiast i.e. fashion bloggers earning a better salary then Head Designers who have been doing it for years; it’s quite incredible.

It would be interesting to see if people continue to follow these particular bloggers if they know before a blog insert that they got paid to review an item. They are not going to give a garment a poor review if they got paid a significant amount? Or would they? I do think bloggers are a great addition to the industry, but I would be very selective because they could possibly hinder your design business and this goes for the same as far as celebrity endorsing your creations.

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