Application Exploration

Processes such as the knitting machine “Monarch” and Laser Cutting; were applications that I was not yet familiar with, however very aware of their finishes and also printing both digitally and screen printing.

With printing applications reflecting back to my practice, I feel I am already familiar with and know how to manipulate a screen on a pattern.  This particular skill I developed through using the Adobe software Illustrator, this is a core tool in my practice.  Using this tool has brought artworks/designs to fit patterns accordingly; but this I found is through my critical understanding of pattern construction.

Researching McQueen especially his prints, both pattern and artwork have to be married perfectly, so further research into designers who use and create art that give garments a real life force.  Miharayasuhiro another designer who is not avant garde but the simplest item of clothing looks like his artwork could walk of the garment itself; and that’s how he has displayed his works in his campaigns which is so original.  I like the idea of using a 3D element in my artworks using shading techniques in Illustrator or actually using the cherry blossom petals themselves and enriching the colour and giving the artwork/print a new dimension and texture.  So the main objective in regards to using the print process is that the print itself has to demonstrate ‘movement’.

Using the knitting/Monarch was insinuated by the concept; examining the 1950’s underwear this particular process was heavily used. So it was essential to experiment and investigate how this particular process works. From using the Monarch there was a realisation that skills adorned from Adobe Illustrator was detrimental to importing designs into the Monarch’s design software so both design and yarn exploration outcomes will be interesting.

The idea dawned of actually constructing lines so the pattern/shape fits the body without any darts or stitch lines and quite possibly no boning. We know for fact it is possible, Iris Van Herpen has done this to a degree, but casting back to my selected concepts the shapes have to be applicable to the overall design, I will be able to identify how I could apply this theory once the design development process is at a stage of near completion.

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