Concept Catalyst

Research; the first approach to this was not an easy one, sourcing something that was going to engage me and bring out my creative but yet technical muse. However at the same time establish a “concept” both demiurgic and visually innovative; these are the perimeters that had to be considered. Reflection highlighted pivotal inspirational notes that never left the mind….

“In October a freelancing project came up, the client wanted contemporary/juxatposed pieces of artwork producing for a collection for a fair-trade womenswear brand. Ideas where discussed about how they wanted certain trends to transcend. The oriental trend is coming through on runway ss/18 and the cherry blossom tree would look fantastic on a tailored dress however the tree was to be upside and the roots on the top of the garment a sublimation printed piece; They loved the idea!” (However the client needed to do more research and the brand never launched.)

It’s never left my thoughts that this particular concept could be executed worthier then just a printed piece of artwork on a garment, and something so original and beautiful could have such an impact if approached in the correct tone.

#freelance #designer #companies #creative #industry

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