1950’s Underwear & Fantasy Fashion

Research, Sourcing, and Discussions… is all taking place now, investigating deeper in to the 1950’s fashions; what was really apparent in creating the structure of the tree on the body was not achievable via outer garments. That is not to say the certain elements will not be used in the silhouettes.  1950’s underwear would elevate the concept, body contouring and overall construction has to be as close to the body as possible and somewhat engulfing the form to make it believable/achievable.

This questions whether the designs are to be outerwears of clothing or does it? It’s quite ironic how we have underwear and outerwear but certain pieces of underwear you would wear as outerwear also. What makes its suitable to wear it as an outer garment? These were points that’s where raised while coming to the decision of basing the collection on underwear. This expanded my research further in to superheroes/fantasy fashion also. Fantasy, is what would give the garments the overall finish and feel breaking down boundaries in terms of materials other then fabric to produce each design and emulate the true nature of the cherry blossom beauty.

Mentioned previously that innovation was an important factor, but at the same time being aware of the construction and properties of selected applications on certain fabrications. I.e. certain fabrics may not work with the pattern construction.


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