Lasers and Pattern Construction

Developing artworks for laser cutting, the designs had to be drawn and formatted as a stencil to enable the laser to pierce into the fabric, but at the same time still remain in tack as a whole piece of fabric. From my research one design in particular I had digitally drawn a arrangement of cherry blossoms. When constructing images in adobe illustrator the vector colour has to be in a black and white format. Exploring different stencil overlays to get the best results; manipulating the design further by adding sections into the design so it does not fall away entirely from the main piece of fabric, which could be proven to be quite difficult especially if some of the lines in the art were very fine.  From the offset I am aware that laser cutting certain pieces would affect the handle of the fabric, and especially that the construction is based on contouring, so another piece of fabric would have to be placed to stabilize the pattern piece or possibly several layers of fabric.

So far in regards to the underwear construction; creating my own patterns and developing a detailed comprehension on how certain shapes should sculpt the body.  Reflecting to my practice this is something we do naturally, creating and developing shapes to fit the human form. But rather then generating patterns from paper I suppose the traditional method and manipulating the shape via darts to fit precisely on to the form. And also we already know that we can mould other materials around the form in order for it to sit on the body. When we create our patterns we use a series of lines and we alter lines, so consciously or subconsciously we are “mapping” we map out our creative shapes onto the human form.

Close analysis of this theory would be irrelevant for some of the shapes that I have created, because the line has already been manipulated to the fit the body and with out the component of the “Dart” the shape has already been completed. If we was not working with fabric and using a rigid material such as plastic the traditional methods of pattern making would not be sufficient in order for the shape to fit. Segments in the design where the dart is required, the line contour mapping could work in relation to fabric and rigid materials.

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